Academic Dishonesty Essay

Academic Dishonesty Essay-66
Honesty is one of the aspects that have seriously been neglected in schools, colleges and universities today.The educational sector has ignored the value of honesty as far as student training, education, and learning are concerned.However, the effect of having such a vice comes up, when one is caught or fails to succeed as expected. At this point, dishonesty is not a problem, but a resulting condition.

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Presently, it is a matter of concern that dishonesty in educational institutions is not reduced, but rather on the increase, since both students and teachers contribute to its development remarkably (Nazir & Aslam, 2010).

However, academic integrity is not only an essential part, but also a measure of excellence in education.

Dishonesty plays a key role in breaking the society today.

Therefore, it is a virtue, which should be instilled in students by every learning institution, as they lay a foundation and plant seeds for the brighter future.

Dishonesty is a habit that can blur someone to attaining his or her set goals in education.


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