Aamc Application Personal Statement

The letter packet is a set of letters also assembled by your institution, but does not include an evaluative letter from your pre-health committee.

An individual letter is written by a single author.

Section Three: Biographic Information Include your contact details, legal residency, ethnicity and race, citizenship, languages spoken, parents or legal guardians and any military service.

If you have criminal convictions, felonies or misdemeanors, disclose these when applying through AMCAS.

You can submit a maximum of 10 letters of evaluation.

The AMCAS Letter Service accepts three different styles: a committee letter, a letter packet or an individual letter. The committee letter should be written by your pre-health advisor and will portray your institution’s evaluation of you.AMCAS recommends you prepare by gaining clinical experience, attending career progression fairs and involving yourself in extracurricular activities.There are 139 medical schools to choose from if you apply through AMCAS.Draft it first in text-only word processing software to avoid formatting problems.The AMCAS application form also has no spellcheck function so ensure to proofread before submitting.You still have the opportunity to apply to other institutes alongside the Early Decision Program.Section Eight: Essays You must submit a personal statement when applying through AMCAS. Don’t make reference to specific medical schools as your application will be viewed by all those you apply to.AMCAS will not make exceptions if you miss the deadline. There are nine sections to complete when applying through AMCAS: Section One: Identifying Information Include basic details about yourself, like your name and date of birth.Section Two: Schools Attended Provide information about the educational institutes you’ve attended.Section Four: Coursework Provide details of your grades and credits in chronological order.You need to submit at least one official transcript from each post-secondary institution you’ve attended, whether you earned credits or not.


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