A View From The Bridge By Arthur Miller Essay

'A View from the Bridge' has its roots in the late 1940s when Miller became intrigued in the work and lives of the communities of dockworkers and longshoremen of New York's Brooklyn Harbour.

Miller found that the 'waterfront was the Wild West, a place inhabited by people who were poorly paid, exploited by their bosses and many were recent arrivals, a near majority of them were Sicilian-Italian.

The play is about Carbone family and how unpretentious Eddie Carbone, who is the principal character, gets galvanized by his loyalty to the promise, he made to his cousin on her deathbed and over-protectiveness towards his niece, leads him to put his own loyalty, honour and respect among his community in the past and lead the Immigration Bureau on his wives cousins, in order to break the marriage of one of the cousins with his niece.

It is these themes: justice, loyalty, honour and respect and how knowledgeably Arthur Miller articulates and manifests this, by using sensational stage directions to the audience and the reader that indeed, makes this a truly astonishing play. Middle Beatrice - "He is very good." Eddie - "Sure, he's great! " Eddie tries to propitiate the situation by giving an elucidation that he was only teaching him and he did not even hurt him.

From the start of the play, from the point when the cousins first arrive in the house, tension begins as Eddie disregards Rodolfo and Embraces Marco.

A View From The Bridge By Arthur Miller Essay

Throughout the whole play we see tension exceeding and some characters trying tirelessly to ease the tension and calm the household.

Arthur Miller includes Marco's standing up, at this point in the play to tell the audience that Marco may be the quiet character but he is just as significant in the play as the other characters. Conclusion We see Alfieri saying - "Most of the time now we settle for half and I like it better.

But the truth is holy, and even as I know how wrong he was, and his death useless, I tremble, for I confess that something perversely pure calls to me from his memory - not purely good, but himself purely, for he allowed himself to be wholly known and for what I think I will love him more than all my sensible clients.

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Eddie Carbone in A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller The play “A view from the bridge” is set in Red hook area of New York, the play was written by a man called Arthur Miller he wrote this particular play in 1950 at the age of 35.


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