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Unfortunately, individuals in society often seek to imitate those people who society values.

Unfortunately, individuals in society often seek to imitate those people who society values.

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However, if the celebrity is involved in a scandal of any nature, the company might find itself between a rock and a hard place, such that it might find it difficult to manage the situation and determining whether to cut ties......, Keith. He stresses in this article that why people keep on press professional athletes only to be the role model.

Most of them are already acting so and there are only few who make troubles like breaking general civil law etc. The author believes that all professional should be the role models for general public whether they are athletes or in some other profession. It is a well-known fact that our society is extremely influenced by mass-media, and that many people are even quite dependent on it in the formation of their world views and judgments.

Additionally, many Americans still know these names and the accomplishments attached to them.

But, in recent decades, the most respected and famous names are individuals who have had virtually no positive impact upon society. They are people such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Ray Lewis.

Every child learned the example of Abraham Lincoln, who could not tell a lie.

Schools and other socializing institutions used these figures to teach children the morals that they should adopt and imitate.

Writers who achieved fame early in American history were known for the excellence of their intellect. To be famous, a child would want to imitate the intellectual accomplishments of these figures.

Now, the celebrities that children seek to imitate “aren’t particularly well-educated and informed. Professional Athletes and Celebrities as Role Models People in the limelight are considered role models due to their various activities and behavior being exposed to the public’s eyes.

Evaluation All the four pioneers in the aviation industry have been role models and have.....each of us has his unique fate and we are not to keep to the beaten tracks of other people, young people do need some examples to orient at.

The greatest artists had to copy earlier masters in order to develop their own styles.


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